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    the rock is fucking precious

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    This is the best idea for a restaurant. - Imgur


    I would like to see more of these.

    Is this not a thing in America?

    It’s a thing all over here in Australia. You get a wrist band. Means you can buy no booze, but you get free soft drink.

    this is a thing in canada too like all you gotta do is say that youre driving

    Free….pop….in the US for….DD’s? Free…anything to encourage safe behaviours? 

    That’s too much logic for this country. Sounds like Socialist propaganda 

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    Ultimate Madoka Reference by Ume Aoki

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    We always call these two dorks and nerds so I made it official.
    And since Prom is kind of a thing soon I decided they’d ask each other in the awesomest ways ever.

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    Guys this picture is so important to me. Sometimes i back out of cosplaying a character because im worried people will judge me or shame me for doing it because im black. Im constantly worried people wont take my cosplays seriously because im just a black girl dressing up as iconic white characters. And sometimes that fear makes me feel like I shouldnt do it, like cosplaying isnt for me and I shouldnt go to cons.

    But meeting this little girl made me understand how important it is to show my love for characters even if they arent my race. This little girl came up to me and asked for a picture at LexCon, and I almost cried. She came up to me the ONLY black Harley in a sea of perfectly “accurate” white Harleys. And I was so happy she did, and so happy I was there. Im glad I chose to cosplay a character I love, and to be there representing black cosplayers, because now this little girl might have a little bit more confidence in herself. Maybe my being there helped this little girl see that even girls like her can be geeky and cosplay whoever they want.

    I really hope so. I know this made me feel more confident. And this is a picture im gonna treasure forever!

    Ugh I love this.

    Like this whole race thing in cosplay literally is the worst thing ever. I’m always baffled when I hear people saying “You can’t cosplay them because they’re not your skin color” Like, fuck off they can cosplay whoever they want. If you’re going to categorize cosplays by that shit, then you better include hair color, body type, height, literally everything has to be natural in order for you to cosplay them. 

    I just don’t get how people really let this skin thing weigh in on how good a cosplay is. I mean, have you seen some people that cosplay? THEY ARE REALLY FUCKING GOOD, AND THEY PUT A LOT OF WORK INTO IT. HONESTLY, WHEN I SEE A BLACK COSPLAYER, THEY USUALLY BLOW ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE COSPLAYING THAT CHARACTER OUT OF THE WATER. And it’s really unfortunate that 97% of the animes out there don’t have any really awesome non-white characters in there. When they do have someone that’s not white, they’re usually a comic relief, or an obscene villain of sorts, and it’s really shitty. I mean, these two girls look awesome and adorable and it’s just really fucking horrible that some people will look at this and get mad because they’re not white. 

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    They’re transparent :3

    **Pictures are from P4 2012-2013 Calendar

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    hey everyone !
    So my mom’s been feeling really down lately and i’m really hoping you guys can help me try to make her feel better.

    She cosplays the cabbage merchant from avatar and she’s often self conscious about leaving the hotel room at cons, so i’m hoping you can help me make her popular on tumblr. she’s really cute and sweet and she worked so hard on this cosplay! she even carries around real cabbages please give her love ok

    I met her at the last con I went to! She’s awesome :)

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  10. If you’re fifteen or older an still sleep with a stuffed animal please reblog this.


    My friend is embarrassed and thinks she’s the only one and I said id prove her wrong.

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