1. "Dude, you just ran like 13 miles in 30 minutes."

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  2. ohsnapciera:

    Mama Kirschtein is precious and must be protected at all costs

  3. moeskine:

    So, efusi called my eren’s eyes: the sun and sea and we were obviously going to “jerenify” it, read the fic andreaphobia wrote, so you get the hole idea. 

    (sidenote: read “a story without words” too since the first panel fits in that story too. There is something about jeaneren and the sea…/teary eyes)

  5. matsuoka-rinrin:

    Kid belongs in a Ghibli movie.

  6. shio* (part 1)

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    monologue from Abridge on Titan :D

  8. lazy-afternooner:

    Marco regrets never being able to venture outside the walls so whenever Jean goes on a mission, he commits the scene to memory and draws it for him.

    He could never understand why Jean was so insecure about his art.

    Sketchbook drawings are personal works.  

  9. Jean’s laugh (●´∀`●) 

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